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Welcome to Excellence Auto Detail, your premier destination for paint protection film installation San Diego perfection. At Excellence Auto Detail, we understand that your vehicle deserves the utmost care and protection to maintain its pristine appearance. At Excellence Auto Detail, we’re proud to offer a diverse range of top-tier paint protection films (PPF) to safeguard your vehicle’s aesthetics and value. Our carefully curated selection includes industry-leading brands such as KAVACA, Optek, Suntek, Xpel, and Stek, each renowned for their unique attributes and superior performance. Don’t let everyday driving take a toll on your vehicle’s appearance. Choose Excellence Auto Detail for top-of-the-line Clear Bra protection and experience the ultimate in paint preservation. Visit us today to discover how our Clear Bra services can elevate your vehicle’s protection and aesthetics to new heights.

Protect your investment!

Paint Protection Film Chula Vista

Clear Bra is not a short-term solution. It’s designed to stand the test of time, with advanced materials that possess self-healing properties. Minor scratches and imperfections vanish, leaving your car looking as good as new. This long-lasting protection not only maintains your car’s appearance but also enhances its resale value. Prospective buyers are more inclined to pay a premium for a vehicle that has been meticulously protected, making paint protection film San Diego a wise investment.

Clear Bra Protects Against

  • Oxidation
  • Rock Chips
  • Swirling & Marring
  • Insect Acids
  • Scratches

Featured Package: Full Front Kit

  • Entire coverage of hood (with wrapped edges)
  • Full fender coverage (with wrapped edges)
  • Bumper coverage
  • Front side mirrors
  • Headlights
  • Rear luggage area


In the world of automotive paint protection, investing in a high-quality Clear Bra is essential for maintaining the pristine condition of your vehicle. The market offers a variety of top-tier brands, each with its unique features and benefits, designed to cater to the diverse needs of car owners. From self-healing properties to superior scratch resistance and UV protection, these brands provide a shield against everyday wear and tear, ensuring your vehicle’s paint remains vibrant and unblemished. Whether you’re looking to preserve the value of your car or simply keep it looking like new, exploring the different Clear Bra brands available can help you make an informed decision and protect your investment for years to come.


Experience the advantages of choosing KAVACA paint protection film, a popular brand known for its exceptional quality in the industry. KAVACA films come with a built-in ceramic coating that offers maximum protection and minimal maintenance, featuring water-resistant properties that guard against fading, water damage, and yellowing, ensuring the longevity of your investment. The self-cleaning attributes of KAVACA also save you valuable time on washes and upkeep, providing a glossy and sleek appearance that enhances your vehicle’s overall aesthetic.

For those seeking a unique look, KAVACA Matte Finish PPF offers the opportunity to effortlessly transition from a glossy paint job to a luxurious matte finish, all at a fraction of the cost of a full matte paint job. This sleek and stylish PPF is not limited to car paint alone; it can also be applied to various materials, including carbon fiber. With its unique adhesive formulation, KAVACA Matte PPF boasts a generous surface area that seamlessly complements ceramic coatings, making it a versatile choice for enhancing your vehicle’s appearance.

SUNTEK Invisible Protection

Suntek stands out in the realm of paint protection films with its cutting-edge technology that offers unparalleled clarity and protection. Designed to be virtually invisible, Suntek films provide a robust defense against road debris, UV rays, and other external threats, all while maintaining the natural beauty and shine of your vehicle’s paint.

XPEL Pinnacle of Paint Protection

Xpel is a prominent name in the industry, known for its highly advanced paint protection films. These films are celebrated for their exceptional durability, self-healing properties, and the ability to retain the original luster of your vehicle’s paint. Xpel products are engineered to withstand the test of time, ensuring long-lasting protection and aesthetic appeal.

STEK Pioneering Protection

Stek’s paint protection films are revered for their cutting-edge features, including superior hydrophobic and self-healing properties. These films provide comprehensive protection, safeguarding your vehicle from scratches, stains, and environmental damage. With Stek, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your car is shielded by some of the most innovative solutions in the industry.


Optek’s paint protection films are synonymous with quality and resilience. Engineered to withstand abrasions and the harshness of environmental elements, Optek ensures your vehicle’s paint remains unblemished and vibrant. With Optek, your car is equipped with a durable barrier that keeps it looking showroom-fresh for an extended period.